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Dear Colleague,

I hope this email finds you well and that you have had the opportunity to enjoy a summer break.

Malta, is currently going through a very busy time. The major highlights are
the hosting of the Presidency for the Council of Europe and the 2018 Capital of Culture. These and other major events have created the opportunity for a number of

. Our Internship Programme is very comprehensive and includes:

• Work Placement provision in their specific field of study
• Training Agreement, Work Plan (detailing the tasks the students will be doing during his/her first, second and third month at the placement), Weekly Monitoring, Euro-pass Mobility and other paperwork
• Accommodation in International Self Catering Accommodation in 9 different localities in Malta
• Pick up at the airport, Induction meeting on their first day in Malta, Welcome Pack (with maps, information and also a free local SIM Card).

Attached please find further information about our programme. Should you wish to discuss further please feel free to contact us on 00356
; 00356 99966356; or via email.

Stage Malta is an Educational Institution specialising in non-formal education. We collaborate with a number of
Universities across Europe
and we would like to explore the possibility of collaborations between our institutions.

Regards and thanks

Martha Marie Gauci
Academic Programme Director
T: 00356 27337766

MALTA 2015-2016 Proposal for Internship in Malta.pdf (21. 9. 2016 14:16:53)

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