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Founded in 1988, Obelis s.a. serves as one of the largest authorized representative centers in Europe. We are comprised of a team of regulatory experts providing superior regulatory services to non-European manufactures for over twenty years. Our main sectors are under the Biotechnology Industry such as medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic devices but also Cosmetics, Food Supplements and more.

Not only has Obelis provided superior service to clientele, we have also been providing a diverse, educational, and exciting work environment for interns from around the world for over ten years. Many interns who have worked with Obelis have gone on to pursue prestigious occupations in a variety of global fields, making us proud to be a part of their road to success.

As the business world expands and the need for global experience increases, we at Obelis help students boost their marketability in the workforce by gaining international business, marketing and communication experience. Interns are given the opportunity and responsibility to oversee and direct various projects within the company which generate change and growth for the company. This hands-on approach is vital in finding success within today’s global business community.

Interested applicants are asked to please send their CV and a short email to Amy Christensen at marketing2@obelis.net.

Amy Christensen
Obelis Internship Program Coordinator
Obelis S.A.
Tel: +32(0)2 73525954
Fax: +32(0)2 7326003

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