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Innovation potential of Slovak regions, their measurement and innovation policy at regional level

Project Code: VEGA 1/1009/16
Grant Scheme: VEGA
Project Type: National research projects
Status: Currant
Project Start: 1. 1. 2016
Project End: 31. 12. 2018
Principal researcher Pisár Peter, doc. Ing., PhD.
Co-researchers Huňady Ján, Ing., PhD.
Koróny Samuel, RNDr., PhD.
Krištofík Peter, doc. Ing., PhD.
Ľapinová Erika, Ing., PhD.
Musa Hussam, doc. Ing., PhD.
Nemec Juraj, prof. Ing., CSc.
Orviská Marta, prof. Ing., PhD.

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