Admission Procedure

The deadline for submitting the application forms is prolonged to April 30th, 2020.   

Application Form  

Choose one of the following options: 

  1. Electronic Application Form within the AiS2 UMB system :  
  1. fill in online 
  1. please attach below mentioned compulsory enclosures to you electronic Application form  
  • Curriculum Vitae  including personal details (name, surname, date and place of birth, permanent and postal address, contact details), education completed so far, etc., 
  • Copy of a document(s) on completed education 
  • Verified Recognition of the Educational Documents Obtained at a Foreign Secondary School;  
  • Internationally accepted IELTS certificate with a minimum entry score of 6.0 from each part 
  1. save the data in the system 

PLEASE NOTE – you do NOT have to print Electronic Application form, you do NOT have to send it via post office either.  

NOTE: until April 30th 2020 is every Applicant obliged to pay the fee for material requirements of the admission procedure (billing information). You do not have to send proof of payment to the Faculty of Economics, you do not have to attach it to your Electronic Application Form either.  

  1. Application Form : download, fill in, print out, sign and send to the EF UMB via post office. With regard to the actual situation and taken measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 we recommend to send Electronic Application form only. 


More information: 

1. Internationally accepted IELTS certificate with a minimum entry score of 6.0 from each part - Applicants for a study program in English coming from other than a member country of the European Higher Education Area are required to attach an internationally accepted IELTS certificate with a minimum entry score of 6.0 to their application for study until April 30th 2020 the latest. 

Applicant is obliged to submit notarized photocopy of IELTS certificate to the Faculty of Economics until April 30th 2020 the latest (paper version of IELTS certificate notarized by notarius has to be sent via post office, otherwise your Application form will NOT be accepted). Please note if we do not receive notarized paper copy until April 30th 2020 we will NOT accept your Application Form for study.

(Remark: IELTS certificate is the only accepted certificate, no others language certificates are accepted. If there is entry score from one of the part less than 6.0, it will be not accepted either).

2. Verified Recognition of the Educational Documents Obtained at a Foreign Secondary School; Note that the Recognition must be issued by the Slovak authority, namely the Department of Education at the respective District Office in the Slovak Republic (see the links below).

Recognition of educational documents – information

Recognition of Educational Documents - Application Form

For more details see the website of The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic

The applicants who had completed their secondary education before 2020 are supposed to deliver the Recognition of the Educational Documents, the Application Form to the EF UMB Study Department up till 30 April 2020. 

The applicants who had completed their secondary education before 2020 but fail to submit their Recognition of the Educational Documents before 30 April 2020 for reason of the administrative delays are supposed to do so no later than 31 May 2020.  

The applicants who will only have completed their secondary education in the course of 2020 are supposed to submit their Recognition of the Educational Documents no later than on the Enrolment Day. This is to be in early September 2020 and they must be present there in person. 


1. The applicants who fail to deliver the Recognition before 31 May 2020 shall only be admitted conditionally. EF UMB cannot guarantee a room at its dormitories to such applicants.

2. Visa arrangement is NOT the responsibility of EF UMB, so the applicants from the countries subject to visa requirement are kindly asked to arrange their student visa on their own. EF UMB may participate in the procedure only indirectly, i.e. by issuing the admission / conditional admission certificate upon meeting all the admission requirements by the applicant.

Responsible: Vice-dean for Study | Last updated: 23. 3. 2020 | Updated by: Horvátová Lucia