Admission requirements

The admission requirements apply equally to all Bachelor´s programmes of the Faculty of Economics of Matej Bel University.

The basic condition is the completion of secondary education. Another requirement of the Faculty for full-time study is passing the entrance exam.

The entrance exam consists of written tests in English language and the basics of economics. Students interested in the Business Economics and Management programme in English will take the entrance exam in English (written tests in the English language and economics).The maximum score in each of the tests is 60 points, and for grade point average from secondary school, 20 points.

The total points of the candidate are calculated as the sum of the points earned in the entrance exam and the points for grade average from secondary school. The minimum points for passing the entrance exam and admitting to a study programme is set by the Dean.

Students will be admitted to study according to the ranking of their total scores until the planned capacity of individual study programmes in individual forms of study is full.

If the number of applicants exceeds the planned number for admission, the Dean of the Faculty has the right to decide to admit the students according to their secondary school grade average.

The Dean can exempt from the entrance exam the applicants who had previously passed the entrance exam, and had been admitted and enrolled for study and were expelled from study.

Responsible: Vice-dean for Study | Last updated: 14. 11. 2018 | Updated by: Horvátová Lucia