System of Quality

In 1999 the Faculty of Economics introduced a system of quality management pursuant to EN ISO 9001 as the first higher education institution in Slovakia and the 36th in the world. After the expiration of a 3-year certificate, SGS Slovakia Košice, a certification authority, made a new audit under the rule of the amended EN STN ISO 9001:2000. A re-certification audit confirmed the certificate for another 3 years.

The innovative approach of the Faculty officials to quality management has advanced the management of the Faculty. There has been created a standard environment of providing educational services that can compare with those of other EU countries. 

Quality Certificate pursuant to ISO 9001:2000 standard

The aim of the management is to introduce a TQM model pursuant to EN STN ISO 9004:2000 by 2010 and to meet the criteria of the National Prize for Quality in category C – Organizations of State Administration, under the order of the Slovak Government No. 991/1999 in compliance with the exceptionality model EFQM used in the competition of the European Prize for Quality.

In order to ensure quality of study and a higher mobility of students, the Faculty has introduced a credit system respecting the principles of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which gives the opportunity to study in a related field at domestic and foreign universities. The credits that Slovak students have obtained abroad and foreign students at our school are fully recognized within the ECTS system. The transition to the ECTS has enabled significant changes in the organization of study.