Marketing information system and marketing research (predmet vyučovaný v anglickom jazyku)

Garant predmetu:
Vyučujúci: Kaščáková Alena, Ing., PhD.
Laco Peter, Ing., PhD.
Táborecká Janka, doc. Ing., PhD.
Cieľ predmetu: After completion of the course, the student:
1. knows and uses marketing information systems in enterprises and new trends in this field,
2. evaluates accessible data from the point of view of their applicability, and identifies information needs in marketing of an enterprise
3. can obtain, process, evaluate and use information in the process of marketing decision-making, and present the results effectively,
4. can create a plan of marketing research in analyzing a problem, and choose suitable research approaches,
5. applies relevant mathematical-statistical methods in data analysis,
6. acquires exact and at the same time creative approach to solving problems of marketing practice, with the emphasis on team work and ethical principles.  

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