Information Systems in Finance (predmet vyučovaný v anglickom jazyku)

Garant predmetu: Hužvár Miroslav, RNDr., PhD.
Vyučujúci: Boďa Martin, doc. Mgr. Ing. , PhD.
Hužvár Miroslav, RNDr., PhD.
Laco Peter, Ing., PhD.
Cieľ predmetu: This course tends to give the student the concepts and applications of data structures in managerial decisions under the framework of information systems. It expands the principles of information systems and instructs the student on how to efficiently utilize information systems in managerial practice and how to extract information from raw data stored in databases. To this end, the student is acquainted with the main concepts of databases, database design, database models and query languages. The student will be given a brief introduction into data mining and its role in extracting information or knowledge from data. The student is required to gain considerable practise with applications of SQL (Structured Query Language) and BI (Business Intelligence) tools and will work especially with advanced functionalities embedded in Microsoft ® Excel and Microsoft ® SQL Server.  

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