Study abroad (ERA+ and other programs) in English

Dear Students,

Your application - English version form to be filled in is here

More information about the porgrame is to be found at

As the web site is still in the process of creation nad updates for students, there is no English version at the moment, so please use online translator, which works very fine.

You can visit our newly created centralized UMB Office for International Cooperation in person too.

The office is situated at Cesta na Amfiteater str. 1 (white building in the back yard of the Faculty of Economics), 1st floor, right side form the stairs.

Or send us an e mail to responisble contact person, all contacts in details are at the web site too.

Looking forward to your interest and taste for travelling and studying abroad!


If you want to know very usefull information about the country of your interest and you wish to be fully prepared to get know the other culture, visit

The procedure after submitting electronic applications is/usually as follows:
We will assess your Applications including attachments and score students according to Erasmus+ criteria.

The selection of students shall take into account: particular language competences
2.motivation of the student and proper choice of partner university
3.your personal activities and CV experience to date
4.representation of the school (participation in activities such as SOA, esn, etc.)
5.your previous study results to date

Afterwards, a list of registered students will be created according to the faculties.

We will inform you about the results of this selection approximately in January / February every year.

and then:

1. we inform the selected university No. 1 by e-mail or online nomination that you are interested in an exchange stay with them

2. during May to June, we know every year what financial amount will be allocated for UMB for the implementation of ERASMUS + mobilities

3. Based on your nomination, the partner school will contact you and request certain documents and information from you by a specified date

4. subsequently you receive further instructions and documents to be filled in by us as well

5. If you want to cancel your interest in mobility, do so as soon as possible at

6.If you are interested in changing the selected school to IB, you can request a change ideally by 15.3. annually, on SS until 31.8. annually

When selecting students, we evaluate:
1. your language skills
2. your motivation     
3. presentation and representation of the school   
4. extra-curricular activities, your practice, courses, out-of-school and personal activities, practical experience ...
5. up today learning outcomes

Selection of students for ERASMUS+ study stays - HOW IT WORKS STEP BY STEP?  

  • search on the universities which you are interested in, from our PARTNERS LIST (Excel sheet at the bottom of the page) and check what classes/courses they offer and how well they would  reinforce your degree
  • choose your TOP 2 universities and apply for ERASMUS+ mobility by the deadline at Department of International Relations, usualy till the end of each year
  • take part on our "selection interview" in English /or other study language/  usualy in the middle of January - cancelled for this time
  • once you were recommended after interview, you will be nominated by e mail to apply for partner university, usualy by the end of March

We kindly ask  ERASMUS + potencial applicants  not to submit applications if:

- they can not study at EF succesfully because ERASMUS + is an opportunity for those "ambitious and most dilligent".
- also do not plan your  mobility if you have any doubts about your language knowledge, traveling alone, handling abroad, financial backing to co-finance your stay ...
- or if you have any health, personal or family issues

+ if you will not be a student of EF UMB for the AY you do not have the right to do ERASMUS+ any more.

+ in case you have some friends, who did not applied within the deadline, they can still apply as an alternate 


Contact person for students planning to study or work as a trainee abroad, for the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations UMB is

421 48 446 6723





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