FR stáže pre CR rôzne

stáže vo Francúzsku pre odbor CR, pre konkrétne miesto a ďalšie detailnejšie informácie  kontaktujte:

pani Marion Caroline,

prezentácia je v priloženom súbore

 - We can find in our network of companies different internships mainly in some hotels located in Montpellier. The usual working hours are 39 hours per week: students can be working morning shift, afternoon shift or office hours (8.00 am to 5.00pm) depending on the company. Students usually work in reception or housekeeping or breakfast department.
For tourism internships (2 months maximum), they do not get benefits (except lunch sometimes) but if they come in the frame of the hospitality management course, they would get a 400€ benefit per month because the trainig period lasts 4 months.


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