PL - Busko Zdroj ponuka stáže

Dear Partner,

I would like to present to students of your university an internship offer in Poland, in Busko Zdró j- one of the most popular spa towns in Poland.

The practice will be held at the Hotel Bristol **** Art & Medical SPA. It is a luxurious and elegant spa complex located in the center of Busko Zdrój. Every year, it is visited by thousands of Poles and foreigners.

The offer is addressed to students of tourism, physiotherapy, nursing, physical education, cosmetology, dietetics, etc. who speak English fluently but also during summer who speak Russian or Norwegian.

Please, make it publicly available to students.

In the attachment I am sending details of the offer.

If anyone is interested, they are requested to send their CVs to and the mail of the hotel which is in the attached document.

Best regards

By authority of Ernest Nowak

Emilia Smutek

Biuro Erasmus+

Społeczna Akademia Nauk - University of Social Sciences

+48 606 388 854

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