Uk staze a pracovne ponuky


New UK Graduate Job and Internship Opportunities

Help your graduates to get their dream job or internship in the UK



Here are our latest graduate job & internship opportunities in the UK. Please pass these on to your graduates, and students who are soon to graduate.
They are available to graduates from all areas of the EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and to students with a Tier 4 visa who are studying in the UK.
– Our service is completely FREE
– All our positions are PAID. We do not feature unpaid graduate internships.
– All positions are REAL and AVAILABLE NOW
– We were ESTABLISHED in 2001
– ETHICS are at the heart of everything we do
– Our REPUTATION is impeccable. Check us out online, and see our testimonials
Feel free to contact me for further details.
Kind regards,
Angela Ladkin
+44 (0)1926 511610

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