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Dear Careers & International Exchange Team,

we are pm2am- Student Trips, a travel firm that is operating from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands catering to young international-minded people between 18-35.

My name is Andreas Klein, Managing Director and in charge of HR, and on the search for applicants for our paid internship programme, commencing in 2020. In our company we believe in the combination of practical and theoretical experiences that do enrich the CV's of our interns but also let them grow personally. In addition to our young guests we are delighted to welcome young students as interns in our company to also learn from them. So it is a win-win-situation for all party's involved. Our main office is located in Wuppertal, Germany and this is where the internship will mainly take place.

I have enclosed below a full description of our company, as well as the typical internship role and ideal candidate. We would like to get featured on your website, and would also ask you to forward this email to students who are likely to be interested in the position, such as language or business students. We are pretty flexible with the starting dates, so even last minute applications will be answered.

In case you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to reply back to me by e-mail.

Looking forward to receive applications of your high potential students.

Kind regards,
Andreas Klein

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Yours sincerely,

Andreas N. Klein

pm2am GmbH & Co. KG
Ottenbrucher Str. 22
42105 Wuppertal

Mobil: 0049 (0) 162 61 34 204
Tel.: 0049 (0) 202 27 22 98 25 -

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