Info Sheets nasich parnerov ERASMUS+ AR 2020-21

ponuka kurzov pre ERASMUS+ studentov na Univerzite La Rochelle vo Francuzsku, Institute of Techmology  pre AR 2020/2021, F LAROCH08

Your students can also follow courses with other institutes from our university: and  . By clicking on the curriculum, you can see the courses in management and economics they offer in English.

The page is still in French, but I hope it will be soon translated! On the page in English, you can't find the same courses... I know some courses will be updated in the IAE institute.

Please visit La Rochelle university website and contact the International Relationships Department for any information about the application process.

We hope our collaboration will be fruitful.

Best regards

Nathalie Coheleach
International Relationships Coordinator (Business Students)
Institute of Technology


PDF GUIDE IAE METZ.pdf (10. 9. 2020 11:52:33)
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Ateny, List of Courses-in-English.docx (15. 4. 2020 12:40:24)
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