How to prepare my ERA+ documents


a) Online Learning Agreement (OLA) which is an electronic form of the original Learning Agreement.

The Learning Agreement, whether in its original form or in electronic form (OLA), includes a selection of courses from the offer of the foreign partner school that you will take on mobility and a proposal of courses from your study plan at our faculty, that could be recognised as courses taken at the partner school.    

What is MUST DO for all of you:

The selection of courses and the possibility of their recognition  after your return from mobility must be consulted in advance (before completing the OLA in the system) with the Vice-Dean for Studies by completing the Application for Approval of Mobility Study Plan document (attached at the bottom of the page) , which you will send by email to and request a consultation date. After the consultation, the Vice-Dean will sign the Application for Approval of a Mobility Study Plan and send a copy to the International Cooperation Office at

PROCEDURE for completing the online version of the OLA:

1.You will create the OLA in the system according to the instructions in the attachment - pay attention to the correctness of the data when filling it in!!!

2.In section 6 you fill in the subjects at the receiving institution and the sending institution as they are listed in the Application for Approval of the Mobility Study Plan signed by the Vice Dean for Studies.
3.The created Electronic Learning Agreement (OLA) will arrive from you in the system into the email of Ms. Prašovská and only Ms. Prašovská has the right to check and sign it if the OLA is in correct. Once signed by her, it is automatically sent by the system to Partner University for approval and signature. After each change, an email notification goes out to whoever is doing the next step.

The OLA cannot be deleted from the online space at this time.

OLA is  compulsory for every student starting from winter term AY 2022/2023!

PROCEDURE how to fill in original LA document: (we  only accept LA  if your partner university officially notifies us that they are unable to operate OLA in the system)

1.You will fill in table A (receiving institution) and B (sending institution) according to the subjects in the Application for Approval of a Mobility Study Plan, which is approved by the Vice Dean of Studies.
2.You will send the completed LA document to the Vice Dean for Studies for signature.

3.You will send the LA signed by the Vice Dean to the partner school abroad and ask them to complete their details and confirm it with their signature.
4.Forward the LA described by you, the Associate Dean and the partner school to the International Relations Office by email to , or bring it in person.


2. financial contribution agreement - Financial Agreement (hereinafter referred to as FFA)

-fill in the attached files at the bottom of the page
-complete on PC only, do not write anything by hand, do not fill in the contract number
-what you do not know, please contact us
-Email the form to for checking before submitting and printing
-only the agreed ToR is printed and handed in as a single ERASMUS+ document in 2 identical originals, with your signature in blue pen at our office or by post
-don't fill in the amount and the total time of the grant, we will do it for you according to the currently valid calculator
-you can find the codes of the partner schools in the list of Bilateral Agreements with partner institutions on the subpage Applying for mobility

the most frequently used codes for EF students:
-0311 = economics
-041 = business and administration, is generally applicable to EF
-0412 = FBI
-0413 = management and administration
-1015 = tourism
-0312 Political Sience and Civics

3. Individual study plan - must be approved in case your mobility interferes with the period of your study obligations, apply to the study department of your study officer

4. commercial medical insurance abroad - arrange this with a commercial insurance company of your choice as per the instructions in your financial aid agreement. You may use the following:

5. a valid EU citizen's card to the doctor, a copy is sufficient (EU citizens only), it must be valid!

6. language online testing and support - has 3 phases, is mandatory.

a. Before going on mobility, everyone takes it; the invitation to complete the test will come automatically from the system to the email you have provided and only when we send your documents to the Rector's Office of the UMB

b. the language test 2 will only come to a certain group of students and it is a 'mock test'; it is to be completed during the mobility as you have time and connection, it is not necessary to take it all the way through

c. after mobility, only those who have received the exit test complete it, depending on the level of results from the entrance test. Calls for language testing will only come after you have handed in all the correct documentation listed above. They often go to the SPAM BOX. All testing is part of the so-called on-line Linguistic Support tool - and its use is compulsory for all students and trainees on Erasmus+ mobility as of the 2014/2015 Erasmus+ mobility year (this is mentioned in the Financial Contract: ARTICLE 6 - ON-LINE LINGUISTIC SUPPORT).

All parties are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions signed in the FR:

It is published on the UMB website:

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