Finance, banking and investment

Studying the Finance, Banking and Investment programme enables graduates to undertake a wide range of jobs in a host of different industries and other sectors of both the national and international economies.

Although the largest share of our graduates work in financial institutions, they are also to be found in other businesses and organizations in both the private and public sectors, including customs and tax authorities, other government bodies at all levels, and in the field of tax advice.

Because the study programme is in English, and includes the participation of foreign universities, this increases students` language skills and professional preparedness, and enhances the market reputation of their qualification, the standing of the Faculty of economics of Matej Bel University and its partner universities.

The structure of the study programme and its component subjects, as well as its teachers` expertise and research experience, allow students not only to prepare for professional practise, but also to learn how to become expert researchers and teachers in the fields of financial management, international finance, international accounting, banking, monetary theory and policy, and financial markets.

Theoretical knowledge
Graduates of the study programme are able to find and present their own solutions to problems in theoretical research, and to apply their theoretical knowledge creatively to practical solutions. They will have a deep knowledge of the modern economic theories of  money and finance, of financial analysis and forecasting, and policy analysis.

Practical skills
Graduates will have the practical skills to work as analysts, financial managers, or management advisors in both public and private organizations at home and abroad. They can analyze and explain the development of specific financial and monetary policies, as well as the integration processes in Europe and worldwide.


The members of the Department of Finance and Accounting look forward to meeting you. 


Descriptions of study programmes, recommended curriculum and course information can be found at Finance, Banking and Investment.


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