Bachelor Thesis with Defence (Public Economy and Management)

Teacher(s): Bolcha Peter, Ing., PhD.
Flaška Filip, Ing., PhD.
Hronec Štefan, doc. Ing., PhD.
Korimová Gabriela, prof. PaedDr., PhD.
Kuvíková Helena, prof. Ing., PhD.
Mikušová Meričková Beáta, prof. Ing., PhD.
Murray Svidroňová Mária, doc. Ing., PhD.
Sýkorová Katarína, Ing., PhD.
Šebo Ján, doc. JUDr. Ing., PhD.
Štrangfeldová Jana, doc., Ing., PhD.
Aim: 1. use the theoretical knowledge acquired during the study in the treatment of the bachelor thesis theme 2. formulate the aim of research, identify the problem and possible ways of its solution 3. apply a logical structure and the latest knowledge acquired during the study in the process of solution of a particular problem from business practice, analyze primary or secondary data 4. assess the state-of-the-art of the examined issue at home and abroad, formulate his/her own view of the examined topic and make arguments 5. evaluate the research results and analyses of the collected data used in the thesis 6. prepare a presentation to defend the bachelor thesis and advocate his/her own opinions  

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