Information Systems in Public Sector

Teacher(s): Rigová Zuzana, Ing., PhD.
Sýkorová Katarína, Ing., PhD.
Aim: After completion of the course, the student can: 1. explain the basic concepts, connections and tendencies in the development of information systems in the public sector; 2. apply the acquired knowledge in practical use of the basic functions of information systems in the public sector; 3. assess the information system of a praticular organization from the aspect of the user, identify its positives, shortcomings and limitations; 4. cooperate with specialists as for the proposal, implementation and operation of the organization´s information system; 5. extract the available data from the organization´s information system, and process them effectively by generally available software instruments; 6. create a model of an economic process in the spreadsheet, calculate the required values of its parameters, and correctly interpret the model results in the real context.  

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