Social Entrepreneurship

Teacher(s): Hroncová - Vicianová Jana, Ing. PhD.
Korimová Gabriela, prof. PaedDr., PhD.
Aim: After completion of the course, the student can: 1. uses theoretical knowledge in social economics and management to research into problems of social entrepreneurship as a specific type of entrepreneurship, 2. is able to search for, process and analyze the information about types of entrepreneurship in Slovakia and the EU, 3. applies comparative analysis in evaluating sector relations within social entrepreneurship and social enterprises, 4. assesses the long-term development trends of social entrepreneurship, and development of quality of life, inter-market of labor, and social enterprises in Slovakia and abroad, at the macro and micro levels, 5. evaluates possibilities of using the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice, within social inclusion, 6. creates a conceptual implementation material for social enterprises of different types and forms, and at the lower and middle level of management.  

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