Spatial economics

Teacher(s): Kološta Stanislav, doc., Ing., PhD.
Kráľ Pavol, RNDr., PhD.
Aim: Insight to the Spatial economy – content and the conditions for successful finishing of this subject. Status of spatial economy in the system of sciences. Subject, object, purpose and terminology of spatial economy. The basic concept - space, its characteristics. Settlement, urbanization, municipalisation. Regionalization. Spatial potential, its components and elements. Infrastructure. Horizontal and vertical city growth. Spatial organization of cities. Mono-and polycentric cities. Stages of city formation. Urban and rural development in terms of spatial economy. Localization theory. Localization factors. Orientation of businesses in the localization process. Localization and profit. Localization analysis. Importance of transport costs in spatial economy. Impact of migration on the spatial economy. Impact of globalization and the ITC on spatial economy. Conclusions - summary of findings.  

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