Feedback from Participants

I would like to thank you for your wonderful congress. The organization and contents were greatly appreciated by me. You have succeded in organizing a truly successful event.
Christopher Schmidt, Universität Åbo, Finland
  Thanks for the invitation, the perfect organization and the possibility to take part in the conference.
Christian Schneider, STEFE SK, Slovakia
Thank you once again for your excellent hospitality and the great effort which you and your team have put into the conference last week.
I greatly enjoyed the conference and very much appreciated the warm welcome you gave us at Banská Bystrica.
I admit that it was this trip to Slovakia, which put your city on my personal map and I can assure you that I will keep it, your university and particularly the friendly colleagues there in very good memory.
Rudi Camerer, European Language Competence, Germany
  Thank you all for the excellent organization and hospitality at the conference at MBU.
Good luck in your future work.
Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky, Budapest Business School, Hungary
Thank you for your hospitality and the lively discussions…. As always, you proved to be a very successful organizer…
Judit Hidasi, Budapest Business School, Hungary
  Dear colleagues,
I must confess: Back home I already miss you and the lovely places Banska Bystrica and Spania Dolina.
Especially to the organizing team: Thank you a lot for the conference and for your hospitality!
Bärbel Kühn, Universität Bremen, Germany
Dear organising team,
on my part, I would like to thank you for all your work you put into the conference and the very friendly welcome you gave us.
All the best,
Klaus-Börge Boeckmann, Universität Wien, Austria
  Thanks for the warm reception. I hope that there will be new opportunities to work together.
Michele Paolini, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
Thank you very much for the conference. It`s always very inspiring for me to see your enthusiasm and your commitment. I also realized how much we have in common. We have to face the same challenges, and the same problems in our work. It reassures me and strengthens me in my efforts. Thank you for that.
Ágnes Kovátsné Loch, Budapest Business School, Hungary
  Aj ja by som sa Vám ešte raz chcela poďakovať za perfektnú atmosféru a zároveň aj gratulovať k organizácii konferencie. Cítila som sa u Vás veľmi dobre, vypočula som množstvo vysoko odborných a zaujímavých príspevkov.
Bola to prvá konferencia v mojom štúdiu, ktorá bola zameraná vyslovene na moju tému, t.j. interkultúrnu kompetenciu, i keď nie čisto z lingvodidaktického hľadiska.
Zuzana Sándorová, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Slovensko
As you know, I had - once again, as always in BB – a very fine time at your conference.
Many thanks (also to your organizing team) and kind regards.
Peter Handler, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria
  Dear the organizing team,
thank you so much for such a great conference!
Itsarate Dolphen, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Thank you for the kind hospitality, we had a really good time at your conference.
Ildikó Dósa, Budapest Business School, Hungary

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