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Research Priorities

Faculty of Economics (MBU) has the ambition to become a place of free research, as well as the center od national and international research in given priority fileds.

Science and research at Faculty of Economics (MBU) will be oriented in period of 2021 – 2026 in relation to accredited study programs, the main directions and priorities of science policy of Slovak Ministry of education, strategic documents in the field of science to the following priorities in basic and applied research:

1. Finance, banking and investment in the context of sustainable development
Leader: prof. Ing. Marta Orviská, PhD.

2. Sustainable, responsible and smart tourism development in the dynamicaly changing environment
Leader: prof. Ing. Vanda Maráková, PhD.

3. Reforms and innovation in public economics
Leader: prof. Ing. Beáta Mikušová Meričková, PhD.

4. Sustainable developments of enterprise in dynamically changing environemnt
Leader: prof. Ing. Hussam Musa, PhD.

5. Innovative and sustainable development of territories
Leader: doc. Ing. Anna Vaňová, PhD.

6. New socio-economic paradigm of European integration
Leader: doc. Ing. Jana Marasová, PhD.

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