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Qualification for Habilitation and Professorship

By decision of the Minister of Education, the Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University has been granted the right to conduct habilitation procedure and procedure for appointment of professors in the field of study:

"Public Economics and Services"

"Corporate economics and management"



When submitting the application, applicants must act in accordance with the requirements of the Faculty, which can be found below.

More information about applications will provide:

prof. Ing. Emília Zimková, PhD., vice dean for science and research
Tel.: ++421484462140, e-mail: emilia.zimkova@umb.sk

PhDr. Ingrid Balážová, Administrator for science and research and doctoral studies
Tel.: ++421484462141, e-mail: ingrid.balazova@umb.sk

Professor -appointment procedure.doc (23. 2. 2021 14:56:41)
Docent -appointment procedure.doc (23. 2. 2021 14:56:16)

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