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Journal of Economics and Social Research

Journal of Economics and Social Research (Ekonomika a spoločnosť)

Scientific journal of Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University

The journal is intended to publish scientific articles, information and reviews aimed at the development of economic theory and practice. It gives space for professional discussion on current economic and social problems in Slovakia and in European context.

Publisher: Ekonomická fakulta Univerzity Mateja Bela, Banská Bystrica, Tajovského 10
Editor-in-Chief: Marian Gúčik

Published semi-annually.
Registration number MK SR EV 1054/2008
ISSN 1335-7069

Scientific editor - prof. Ing. Marian Gúčik, PhD.
tel. +421 48 446 2213
e-mail: marian.gucik@umb.sk

Editor - Ing. Ivan Sedliačik, PhD.
tel. +421 48 446 2179
e-mail: ivan.sedliacik@umb.sk



Instructions for authors
Manuscripts shall be sent to editorial board (marian.gucik@umb.sk or ivan.sedliacik@umb.sk). Article should be of a theoretical and applicable character corresponding with the character of the journal. Title should be clear and concise. Article have to be accompanied by an abstract of 10 - 12 lines and 3 or 5 key words. It is neccessary to mark the article by the code of JEL Classification. The lenfth of article is about 10 - 12 typed pages, reviews 4 - 6 pages depending on the length of the book. Information are supposed to be at 4 - 5 pages.

Text has to be typed in MS Word; Times New Roman 12; rows 1,5; format A4; left alignment.
Bibliographic citations are given according to ISO 690 and must include all necessary data.
References to literature are added at the end of the article and given in alphabetical order.
Pictures, graphs and tables are labeled in numerical order. Label of the tables is given above, source below. In the case of pictures, graphs and illustrations, label and source are given below.
Mathematical expressions and figures are to by typed in clear and obvious way.

Structure of the article
Title; Author / Authors; Abstract and Key words in English; JEL Classification; Introduction; Aim, material and methodology; Results and discussion; Conclusion; Grant support; References; Contact details of author / authors.

Reviews of the article are anonymous and provided by two independent reviewers.

The fee for authors from external institution is 50 EUR.

Editorial board

Scientific Editor
prof. Ing. Marián Gúčik, PhD.

Members of the Editorial Board
prof. Ing. Viktória Bobáková, PhD.
prof. Ing. Ferdinand Daňo, PhD.
prof. Ing. Iveta Hajdúchová, PhD.
doc. Ing. Anna Križanová, CSc.
prof. Ing. Helena Kuvíková, PhD.
prof. Ing. Viera Marková, PhD.
doc. Ing. Pavlína Pellešová, PhD.
doc. Ing. Elena Šúbertová, PhD.
prof. Ing. Ján Závadský, PhD.
doc. Ing. Emília Zimková, PhD.

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