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Unpaid work as a potential source of socio-economic development of society and the determinant of individual´s well-being

Project Code: VEGA 1/0935/13
Grant Scheme: VEGA
Project Type: National research projects
Status: Finished
Project Start: 1. 1. 2013
Project End: 31. 12. 2016
Principal researcher:
Deputy of principal researcher:
Co-researchers: Hronec Martin, doc. Ing., PhD.
Huňady Ján, doc. Ing., PhD.
Kaščáková Alena, Ing., PhD.
Kika Marian, PhDr., PhD.
Knapková Miroslava, Mgr. Ing., PhD.
Kollár Igor, Ing., PhD.
Kuráková Ivana, Ing., PhD.
Martinkovičová Miriam, doc. PhDr., PhD.
Nedelová Gabriela, RNDr., PhD.
Orviská Marta, prof. Ing., PhD.
Považanová Mariana, Ing., PhD.
Vallušová Anna, Ing., PhD.

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