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Inovative study program Social Economics and Entrepreneurship

Project Code: 037UMB-4/2013
Grant Scheme: KEGA
Project Type: National research projects
Status: Finished
Project Start: 1. 1. 2013
Project End: 31. 12. 2014
Principal researcher: Korimová Gabriela, prof. PaedDr., PhD.
Deputy of principal researcher: Borseková Kamila, Ing., PhD.
Borseková Kamila, Ing., PhD.
Co-researchers: Hroncová Vicianová Jana, Ing., PhD.
Hronec Štefan, doc. Ing., PhD.
Ľapinová Erika, Ing., PhD.
Marková Viera, prof. Ing., PhD.
Mikušová Meričková Beáta, prof. Ing., PhD.
Štrangfeldová Jana, doc. Ing., PhD.

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