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We warmly welcome all international students for study exchange at our Faculty!

short video about EF UMB and Banka Bystrica to encourage your decission to come and join us :)


Application procedure is very simple. Instructions and all required documents blank forms  you can find at following subpages.

You can apply within ERASMUS+ program or any other exchange program for 1 complete semester or for the whole academic year stay, for which you will be accepted after submitting all required documents.


1. All ERASMUS+ incoming students are kindly requested to take into consideration, that the above mentioned dates MUST be respected (ERASMUS STUDENT CHARTER: Erasmus students should comply with internal regulations of the host institution). As a result they should not reserve their return tickets for earlier dates.

2. All ERASMUS+ incoming students are entitled to a 2-week period after their registration in order to make the modifications of courses they wish and finalize their learning agreement.

3. Attendance at each course is compulsory, after submission of the final Learning Agreement.

In case of any questions you can contact us by e mail or by phone:


Jana Prašovská


Faculty of Economics, UMB in Banska Bystrica

ERASMUS+ Outgoing and Incoming Students Office

tel.: 00421 48 446 2197

Tajovskeho st. 10, 975 90, Slovakia


Erasmus Code     SK BANSKA 01

UMB PIC CODE    998462517


Responsible persons

1. University Institutional Coordinator

Doc. PhDr. Katarína Chovancová, PhD.

2. Faculty of Economics ERASMUS+ Coordinator

Vice Dean for International Relations EF UMB

Mgr. Ing. Gabriela Kormancová, PhD.

3. Faculty of Economics Departmental Coordinator

Ing. Mária Kanderová, PhD.
Vice Dean for Study EF MBU

4. Faculty of Economics Student Contact Person -  ERASMUS + Outgoing + Incoming Students Office

Mgr. Jana Prašovská
Tel. +421 48 446 21 97


Contact hours for students:

Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 12:00 umb.sk













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