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Application Procedure

1. Application Deadline for winter Term nominations is July 15th

2. Application Deadline for summer term nominations is November 15th


Application and Nomination of Students "Step by Step"

1. Partner University coordinator  contacts  Jana Prašovská at jana.prasovska@umb.sk  to nominate their students, nomination can be short, via e mail.

2. Coordinators and students  complete, sign and send the Application Documents.

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS: (blank documents are atatched at the bottom of the page)

a) Application Form

b) Accomodation Form

c) Learning Agreement

d) Copy of EU Health Insurance Card

e) Copy of ID

f) International Certificate or Confirmation of English language knowledge of the student at minimum B2 level


3. The Faculty of Economics sends  Acceptance Letters only if students submit complete and correct documents. We  will provide supplementary information. In case a student has not been accepted, they will be notified by e-mail.

4. After the students arrive to Banská Bystrica, they should finalise their Learning Agreement at the beginning of the semester. There is a particular date to make any changes to the original LAs and create the schedule in the academic information system (AIS). After that date, the system closes.

5. After the arrival, each incoming student will be welcomed and accompanied by his/her "buddy" = slovak student. Our BUDDIES  contact ypur students before  arrival to Slovakia  via e-mail and  also provide them with a  lot of useful information.

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