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Studets Dormitories MBU:

All short - term exchange students are offered a possibility to apply for student s dormitory accommodation.

We offer them single bed-rooms, double-bed rooms or three-bed rooms with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

Kitchen and rooms are equiped very simply. For more details contact ESN:  https://www.facebook.com/umb.esn.sk or at https://umb.esn.sk

We do not guarantee single room always when required,  as we usually face a large number of applied foreign students for dormitory accommodation.

Dormitory rooms are simple but comfortable.


Computer Rooms and Internet Connection:

Internet connection is available in every student hostels and faculties. In the Faculty of Economics there are several computer rooms with free access to the internet for all students that can be used in the case if there is no lecture. There are also computers on the halls, which are available non-stop. Students can use own notebooks for the cable internet connection in two rooms in the 2nd and 3rd floor of the new


Accomodation Fees:

Accommodation costs are very student-friendy and these are  to be paid in cash, for your whole stay in advance.  For the single room it is  61 EUR /for one month, for three-bed room it is 54 eur for one month. For the dormitory registration it is necessary to have a passport or ID card and 2 photos.


If any foreign exchange student is interested in dormitory accommodation, please send us Accommodation Application Form by e mail, filled in. ( blank form find attached at the vottom of the page )

We do not offer any private accommodation and we do not assist  organizing such a type of accommodation at all!

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