Cooperation of the Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University and EDUTUS UNIVERSITY in Hungary started in 2010.

Every year, EDUTUS UNIVERSITY organize an International Week in Budapest. They invite teachers and students from various european countries. Students have the opportunity to attend an interesting course, a cultural and social program in 2 million Hungarian capital and, in particular, to spend time and fun with students from all over Europe (traditionally Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Turkey ...). Pedagogical and scientific staff have the opportunity to establish contacts with representatives of several European educational institutions.

Are you interested? International Week 2022 will be 3.4. - 8.4., just contact me: Ing. Peter Laco, PhD.,, Office 308, new building, I will be glad if you join me! If you already decided, use link to register (and do not foreget to let me know).

Short Program 25th International Week Edutus University 2022.pdf (19. 1. 2022 11:02:44)
International Week Practical Info 2022.pdf (19. 1. 2022 11:02:40)

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