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Leaving procedure

Before you leave Slovakia back for your home country, please note you have some duties:

1. In case you posess Slovak ID card, please return your  "pink ID - Card" to the Police. You can send the card back to the Police by registered post too, from your home country.

2. In case you are a EU citizen, but you got the ID card from the police, bring it to the police.

3. Inform the dormitory manager about date of your departure. In case you leaving during the weekend, inform the manager or, at leats the receptionist, a few days before. You need to leave the room clean, return your ID and keys. In case there is something to be payed, you will be asked to pay the amount.

4. Return all the borrowed books to the library and to your friends.

5. Transcript of Records, together with Confirmation of Stay, will be sent to the student e mail. We can send it only after the end of semester, when the examination period os over.

Responsible: Vice-dean for Development | Last updated: 26. 5. 2022 | Updated by: Prašovská Jana