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How to apply

The deadline for applying for student mobility abroad within ERASMUS + for  Academic Year 2021/2022 was 8.12.2020!

During summer term 2020/2021 you can still apply for AY 2021/2022 as an alternate, there is big chance to be accepted too.

The future graduates in bachelor level and master level of study are eligible  to apply for ERASMUS + Graduate Traineeship mobility with financial support.

It is a special opportunity to get important  practical experience when still studying. Do not miss this chance!


Application Procedure: all detailed instruction are included directly in the Application Form

1. Application Form (there is extra Application Form for study purpose and extra for Traineeships)
2. CV in English 
3. Cover Letter in English
4. simple copies of documents confirming your required language skills
5. unverified confirmation of your other activities
please send your complete Applications to jana.prasovska@umb.sk


When selecting students, we evaluate:
1. your language skills
2. your motivation     
3. presentation and representation of the school   
4. extra-curricular activities, your practice, courses, out-of-school and personal activities, practical experience ...
5.  up today learning outcomes

Selection of students for ERASMUS+ study stays - HOW IT WORKS STEP BY STEP?  

  • search on the universities which you are interested in, from our PARTNERS LIST (Excel sheet at the bottom of the page) and check what classes/courses they offer and how well they would  reinforce your degree
  • choose your TOP 2 universities and apply for ERASMUS+ mobility by the deadline at Department of International Relations, usualy till the end of each year
  • take part on our "selection interview" in English /or other study language/  usualy in the middle of January - cancelled for this time
  • once you were recommended after interview, you will be nominated by e mail to apply for partner university, usualy by the end of March

We kindly ask  ERASMUS + potencial applicants  not to submit applications if:

- they can not study at EF succesfully because ERASMUS + is an opportunity for those "ambitious and most dilligent".
- also do not plan your  mobility if you have any doubts about your language knowledge, traveling alone, handling abroad, financial backing to co-finance your stay ...
- or if you have any health, personal or family issues

Afeter summbitting your Application steps:

  1. We send a list of applied students to Rectorate, based on this we will wait for the budget for your Faculty.
  2. The budget is normally confirmedy during May-June.
  3. In the meantime we  send  so called Nomination e mails to the partner Universities = only to the partner which you have chosen as your No-1 choice in your Application form.
  4. For applications for WS 2021/22 we send this e mail usually at the end of March and with  this e mail we inform the partner that you are interested to study within ERASMUS+ . For applications for SS 2021/22 we do this nomination at the end of September.
  5. After NOMINATION e mail you will probably receive instructions from partner university what to send them and what are the deadlines. You need to follow their instructions.
  6. After the nomination e  mail we send you further instructions in which we  explain what kind of documents we need from you.
  7. The rest of detailed information for ERASMUS + before departure to your destination country is always available for students at https://www.ef.umb.sk/index.asp?uid=540 and English version at https://www.ef.umb.sk/index_e.asp?uid=1575
  8. At the beginning of the application procedure the partner university usually requires following, but it can vary too: 


  • LA document with selected courses based on their Offer of courses
  • Various Application cdocuments, sometimes on line sometimes via e mail scanned, very seldom originals
  • Health Insurance (HI Card + Commercial Insurance in case of non-EU students)

+ If someone of you will need to change partner University, you can do it but inform me about it till the March 15th  every year.

+ if you want to cancel your interest, inform me about it as soon as you are sure about it!

+ if you will not be a student of EF UMB for the AY 2021/22, you do not have the right to do ERASMUS+ any more.

+ in case you have some friends, who did not applied within the deadline, they can still apply as an alternate during SS 2020/21. There is almost 100% chance to get the scholarship for ERASMUS+.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jana Prašovská, jana.prasovska@umb.sk

Monday - Thursday from 8:30 to 12:00
EF MBU, Tajovskeho 10

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