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Documents before departure


Please be aware,  that without submiting complete required documents, you can not leave for your mobility abroad.

Otherwise you breake  ERASMUS+ rules!


a) Learnig Agreement Document -  copy or scan is accepted. Fill in table A and table B in the LA document "Before Mobility" part. Select courses abroad form the partner´s offer. Discuss selected courses with the Vice Dean for Stdy at EF UMB  -  Ing. Maria Kanderova, PhD., before you send this document  to the partner Uiniversity. It is obligatory for everyone aks for accepting ERASMUS+ studies!  The consultation with the Vice dean is obligatory for each student applying for mobility abroad and based on this consultation you will be sure whcih courses can be accpeted and which will be not after you return to EF UMB! You can ask the vice dean for this by e mail at maria.kanderova@umb.sk

You need to prepare table A and table B from LA document, for this part,  follow the  instruction in the document. Afterwards you send both lists, A and B,  to the vice dean. She will tell you, what can be accepted and how and also if there are any courses, which can not be accepted after your return.


In case you will be asked by the Partner Institution to have your LA document filled out in so called "DASHBOARD application", please follow their instructions. It is the newest way how the LA will be administrated, it means electronically, for ERASMUS+ program.

b) Individual Study Plan - every student preparing for mobility abroad has to have approved Individual Study Plan. You ask for it at the Sudy Department of EF UMB in written form.

c) Commercial Helath Insurance for study purposes abroad -  you can buy commercial insurance for abroad in any of insurance complanies. You buy it at least for the period of your stay abroad regarding to the INSURANCE article in the Financial Contract.

d) European Helath Insurance Card - (2x scan or copy), in case you are EU citizen we aks for a copy of EU IC copy, non EU citizens submit only copy of Comemrcial Helath Insurance Contract

e) Financial Contract - (2x and only original versions with your signature by a blue pen are accepted), FC is a contract between the Faculty of Economics, The UMB and the Student, providing all the dteails about your mobility. Fill it in by PC only! Do not eneter the contract No. Before printing it out, send it by e mail to jana.prasovska@umb.sk  to be checked.

Scholarships are paid exactly for the days of your stay abroad, FROM-TO, how you state it in your Financial Contract. There is specific amount of financial support for each country, for each 30 days of your stay. you can cjeck the amounts in enclosure at the bottom of the page.

f) Language on-line testing - you will recieve automatic e mail asking you to fill in on-line test in (selected) language of your study. It usually appeares  in your spam box. You will recieve such en e mail only after we accept your complete Financial Contract.

 + Acceptance letter, in case you get it from the  partner University, it serves you to provide you important information about your study abroad. However, it is not anymore a necessary part of the documentation.

WARNING: In case you do not sumbimt any part of required documentation, BEFORE, DURING and AFTER mobility, we can request a refund of part of your paid scholarship!

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