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Documents after mobility




Please contact International Office Depratmet ASAP to complete your documents required after  mobility. In case you do not submit complete required documentation, you will be asked to pay back your scholarship money!

a) Transcript of Records -  this one is usually official document issued by the partner university system similar to AIS, it records all attended courses and results for it. 

b)  Recognition of Study at ERASMUS + by Faculty of Economics - you need to visit the vice -dean for study again with your Transcript of Records and ask her to acknowledge your study results from abroad, afterwards your study officer will give you a document confirming this study outcomes were acknowledged at EF UMB.

c) On -line Survey After Mobility – you will receive automatic inquiry to fill in survey, fill it in only in case you have all the documents and information to fill it in correctly, e mail usually comes into spam box.

d) On -line Language test after mobility – fill in language test again, it is testing after mobility, automatic inquiry will come in to your e mail or spam box.
- Automatic inquiries come only after the last day of your mobility, stated in your financial contract.

e) Confirmation of your Study Period, encloed at the bottom of the page. Ask for it at the partner univeristy ion the day of your departure.

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