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Bachelor`s degree of study
Bachelor programme: Business Economics and Management
Study form: full-time
Place of study: Banská Bystrica
Plan of admitted students: 30

Bachelor´s Study Admission Procedure Administrator: Jana Ďurdinová (Study Department) jana.durdinova@umb.sk

The standard duration of study is 3 years. Graduates of the Bachelor´s degree have completed the first degree of tertiary education. The graduate of the Bachelor´s study will be awarded the academic degree of Bachelor (in short form “Bc”). 


Dear applicants, thank you for your interest in studying at our faculty. You have chosen the institution with more than 40 years of history and experience in education, which is ranked as one of the best faculties in the field of economic education in Slovakia. Next year we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our study program. During those years several thousands students successfully graduated.

Business Economics and Management (BEM) as a bachelor study programme is an equivalent of study programme “Ekonomika a manažment podniku” (in Slovak language). This study programme has been lectured in English language since academic year 2005/2006 with full accreditation according to law number 131/2002 Coll. about universities. Both programs are strongly interconnected with business practice, courses react on dynamic changes, as the demand at the labour market impose requirements on both students and teachers. You have plenty opportunities to complete your studies with the foreign mobililties or part-time jobs. All these efforts are strongly supported and promoted.

Bachelor study is a first level of university studies. Standard duration of internal form is three years. Bachelor study has to be finished by defending of bachelor thesis. Those may be chosen from a great variety of topics according to your own will and usually is practically implemeted in practice. Graduate gains academic title “bachelor” (abbreviation - Bc).

Graduate of bachelor study in “Business Economics and Management” is able to use knowledge from economics, quantitative methods, law, management and marketing. He/She is skilled in professional communication in English and has practice skills in informatics. His/her knowledge is deepened in accounting, production management, international trade, financial analysis and entrepreneuring in various types of enterprises. Graduate is also able to solve complex problems in calculations, budgets, planning and organizing of business processes. He/she knows basic managerial relations in business operations and has widespread prerequisites for application of his/her knowledge especially in small and medium sized enterprises. After bachelor study you may continue at our faculty in master study and to choose from several study programs fully or partially taught in English.

More details you can find on the web page of Department of corporate economics and management.

We firmly believe that you will very carefuly consider all opportunities and choose that field and program, which suits to your needs and expectations. Hopefully we will meet since September in Banská Bystrica.

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