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For the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral program, applicants are required to submit: Application form, Curriculum Vitae, Certified copy of a previous education (or an equivalent) degree diploma, Certificate confirming student’s knowledge of English is an advantage (B2 level is required). More details available on the web site of the faculty www.ef.umb.sk section Information for foreign applicants. 


Bachelor's study



Business Economics and Management


Graduate is able to use knowledge from economics, law, quantitative methods, management and marketing, business economics, finance and accounting. Graduates are skilled in professional business communication in foreign language and gain skills in informatics. Gained knowledge is being deepened by business planning, production management, international trade, financial analysis and entrepreneurship in small and medium sized enterprises. Graduate possess the knowledge in economic consequences and managerial aspects of business operations.   


Alumnies thanks to solid economic background, practical skill and professional knowledge as welll as intensive language preparation may aspire to managerial positions on small and medium enterprises, as well as transnational corporations on various positions such as business planning department, production management, international trade, financial analyst or they can set up their own business.


Duration of full time study program is three years. Bachelor study has to be finished by defending of bachelor thesis. 



Master's study



Finance Banking and Investments


The structure of the program and its component courses together with the expertise and research experience of the teachers allow students not only to prepare for professional practice, but also to learn how to become expert researchers and teachers in the fields of financial management, international finance, international accounting, banking, monetary theory and policy, and financial markets.



Graduates of this program can perform a wide range of job positions in a different sectors of international economies. Although the largest share of the graduates work in financial institutions, they are also to be found in other businesses and organizations in both the private and public sectors, including customs and tax authorities, other government bodies at all levels, and in the field of tax advice.



Duration of full time program is two years. Master program is concluded by the defense of the master thesis.

学制: 2年。硕士学位需经论文答辩。


PhD study





The knowledge and experience obtained in previous studies of tourism enriches the methods of scientific research.  The knowledge is being confronted with the research of domestic and foreign experts in peer-reviewed publications at national and international level and in scientific events. Using the methods of the quantitative and qualitative research can solve the complex problems of tourism at micro-level, regional and macro-scale.



Eligibility for the implementation of a creative and research work, makes it suitable for the application in support of the project teams, in research and academic workplaces, as well as in managing sustainable tourism development at the national and regional level, professional bodies and associations, senior management positions in large enterprises of tourism at the national and international level.




Business Economics and Management


A graduate of the PhD is familiar with the modern methods and techniques of strategic management of the enterprise in the process of globalization. Possesses exact methods of organisational marketing management, has a wide knowledge of the project management and quality management. Applies the modern methods and tools of the financial management of the enterprise in the current economic practice.  Can apply mathematical and statistical methods in the formation of economic-mathematical models and the analysis of economic processes in the enterprise.



The gratuate is suitable for the positions looking for new insights as the basis for resolving the problem of practice. The ability to develop the theoretical concepts, apply the scientific methods of research makes it suitable both for work as a university lecturer, head of a team of creative staff in national and international project, consulting organizations and transnational corporations




Public Economics and Policy


The graduate has a systematic, holistic and comprehensive body of knowledge in the field of public economics, economics, policy, and services.


A graudate is a specialist  for the workplace with the  nature of scientific research, in universities, in the central offices of the conceptual nature in the creation of methodological, forecasting and decision-making of materials.  Their skills and competences are desirable for the development of new products and systems in the public sector, the management and implementation of the new public policies and schemes. They  can apply also for the positions in multinational companies and institutions in analytical consulting.






The graduate is able to propose innovative research process in finance with a focus on business and public finance, international finance, central and commercial banking, insurance, financial markets, analyses and forecasts.




The graduate can apply for senior management, strategic planning and analytical positions in the private and public sector organizational components associated primarily with the financial sector, banking and investment in the national and transnational companies and institutions.



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