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Dear students,

The list of available topic of final theses will be available in AIS since March 31. Topics you could find before this date are just preliminary and will need the approval of main guarantor of study. Because of this, please, wait till the final disclosure.

Till March 9 each teacher will finalize his/her personal list of topics. Thus, you can utilize this time in case that you have clear idea of what you would like to focus in your thesis and contact potential tutor to add such topic into the list (those topics will be approved afterwards – as mentioned above). Tutors are preferrably from department of corporate economics and management, economics, foreign languages, quantitativne method and information systems. All the topics should respect main priorities of you study field – business economics and management).

About the selection, enlisting process and deadlines we will inform you separately after the March 9, when all the topics will be submitted. One sure thing is that each topic should be discussed with tutor before the enlisting.

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