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INSTRUCTIONS for coming state exams:

- all details about the submission of theses and process of state exams you can find in file attached below.


INSTRUCTIONS for the choice of final thesis:

Dear students,

topics of final theses for the scholar year 2022/2023 are available in AIS. Some topics may be already taken as they came into existence after common communication with tutor (as you were previously given such a chance). Please, keep the following steps during whole process in mind:

- choose just from topics for next scholar year (see in AIS),

- contact the teacher whose topic you are interested in (e-mail, phone, TEAMS) and have an idea what you want to solve/reach under this topic (see also the annotation of the topic),

- do not reserve more topics,

- the tutor may agree to partially adjust topic to you special interest (extent of research, different sample, different method, etc.) or, hypothetically, or the same topic may be offered more than once,

- when you will get an approval (you will make a deal), your name may be inserted into AIS by teacher (please ask him/her) or contact the secretary office of your tutor’s department (you can see it in AIS next to you topic).

Thank you for the compliance and we wish you a great inspiration during theses’ choice and their finalisation.

Please, keep in mind that according to study guide you are supposed to have your topic in AIS before the June 30, 2022.

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