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Updated measures regarding the spread of COVID-19


Dear students,

Due to current situation regarding coronavirus pandemic and the decision of the Crisis Staff of Slovak republic, face-to-face classes are suspended from 13.10. until further notice for all students of all study programmes. ​All courses will remain delivered online.

Crisis Staff  [12.10.2020]

General rules for students, staff, guests and businesses in rented premises:

When entering the faculty premises and during stay in them (in all premises) all persons are obliged to:

  • wear a facemask
  • observe strict hand hygiene
  • disinfect their hands with disinfectants available at the entrance, corridors, stairs and toilets
  • respect social distance
  • not to congregate in corridors, classrooms and offices
  • follow other regulations and recommendations under the COVID-19 traffic light (green phase, orange phase, red phase).

If a student or employee/doctoral student suspects COVID-19, has been in contact with an infected person, has been contacted by the RÚVZ, or returned from a country/region at risk (a regularly updated list is available at http://www.uvzsr.sk/index.php), he/she is obliged to immediately inform the EF UMB Crisis Staff about this fact:

  • employees/doctoral students must inform the EF UMB Crisis Staff by e-mail to covidef@umb.sk and contact the head of their workplace,
  • students are obliged to inform the EF UMB Crisis Staff by filling in the questionnaire available here: http://bit.ly/EFUMB_COVID-19_Formular_Students     

Based on a measure of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, until further notice, employees coming from high-risk countries or regions (their list is regularly updated on the website http://www.uvzsr.sk/index.php) are obliged to prove compliance with the obligation to complete isolation in the home, for example, a negative RT-PCR test performed in laboratories in the Slovak Republic or other evidence of the existence of this negative result, or a certificate of crossing the state border of the Slovak Republic older than 10 days, or proving an exemption from the above obligations granted by the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic. If this person is unable to prove this, the university will be obliged to notify the relevant RÚVZ in his/her territorial district and deny this person access to all areas of the workplace or operation.

The employee or doctoral student is obliged to fill in the Health questionnaire and the Employee declaration by 18 Sept. 2020. In the event that an employee or doctoral student travels abroad after this date, he/she is obliged to fill in and submit the questionnaire each time upon return.

The student is obliged to fill in the Student declaration by 28 Sept. 2020. If the student travels abroad after this date, he/she is obliged to fill in and submit the declaration each time upon return.

PROHIBITION OF ENTRY to the premises of the Faculty of Economics of UMB in Banská Bystrica

In the event of acute symptoms of the disease in either yourself, people living in the same household, or other close persons, you are obliged to contact a general care physician immediately and follow his/her recommendations and must not enter the university premises until the time specified by the relevant doctor.

At the same time, you are obliged to immediately inform the EF UMB Crisis Staff about this fact according to the instructions given above.

Acute symptoms of the disease include fever above 37.5° C or shivering, malaise, excessive fatigue, reddened, inflamed eyes with discharge, stuffy nose with difficulty breathing through the nose, thick discoloured mucus (yellow, green), runny nose (rhinitis), ear pain, ear discharge, impaired hearing, dry hacking cough, moist productive cough, vomiting, loose stools several times a day, new skin redness, rashes, scabs, etc. on the skin.


Important documents:

Health guideline for students [25.10.2020]

Current information and measures can be found at https://korona.gov.sk  [1.10.2020] 

Organization and conditions of the pedagogical process and operation at EF UMB [11.9.2020]

Procedure for accommodating at Students’ Dormitories SÚZ UMB [28.8.2020]

MBU measures (18. 3. 2020 9:51:01)

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