Bachelor program Business Economics and Management

Dear future students,



in next scholar year we will celebrate 30th anniversary of study programs offered by our department. During this period we always paid attention to the alignment of study programs’ content and business environment development, trends in management and entrepreneurship. Thus are graduates of bachelor studies are fully capable to apply for positions in lower or middle management or to start own business. We offer English study program BEM since 2004. It was the first program of such character in Slovakia and currently there are just 5 others. Or course, if you are able to study in Slovak language, you can still choose a combination of courses and enroll to just a couple of English ones. 

For more details see the graduate’s profile and examples of cooperation with business practice to get more complete picture about the study.

As the principal added value in English study program we consider primarily: 

  • personalized relations - you are studying in small group, thus you are recognized as individual and you can directly communicate within the group or with the teacher,
  • time management - although in BEM the courses are quite strict, you can still choose optional courses in the way they would fit to your schedule,
  • all the study materials including part of the literature is usually available in e-learning portal,
  • management courses are taught through business case studies,
  • human resources management and managerial communiation is taught through experience,
  • business analyses are taught through the data from commercial databases and real information,
  • open discussion, opportunity to defend your opininos, give arguments, critical thinking. Although written exams prevails, student’s activity on seminars is necessary, including his/her creativity in seminar work or practical solutions,
  • wide offer of internships, both in abroad or in Slovak companies - all the information is shared on Facebook fan page and is open to everybody,
  • regular excursions,
  • integration of expert into almost every lecture,
  • stories of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs,
  • Student’s scientific activity - a competition of more or less scientific projects in economic or business area,
  • opportunity to travel and to study one or two semesters in abroad - the list of  potential candidates has more than 100 universities,
  • individual study plan in case of mobilities, maternity leave, professional athletes or other artistic representation of the university. 


The study is divided into three years, six semesters and 180 credits. You need relevant number of credits to proceed to the next semester or scholar year, thus the study and the choice of courses has to be carefully planned. Winter semester usually starts in the middle of September, in January starts the exam period. Summer semester start in middle February with exam period during May. Semester has 13 weeks, except of the last semester, which has just 10 weeks because it is concluded with the defence of your final bachelor thesis. 

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