Graduates profile

Graduate of bachelor study in “Business Economics and Management” is able to use knowledge from economics, quantitative methods, law, management and marketing. He/She is skilled in professional communication in English and has practice skills in informatics. His/her knowledge is deepened in accounting, production management, international trade, financial analysis and entrepreneuring in various types of enterprises.

Graduate is also able to solve complex problems in calculations, budgets, planning and organizing of business processes. He/she knows basic managerial relations in business operations and has widespread prerequisites for application of his/her knowledge especially in small and medium sized enterprises.

The knowledge gained during the studies helps to find employment in lower and middle management, or generally to build your carrer as:

Získané poznatky a schopnosti mu umožnia uplatniť sa najmä na nižšom a strednom stupni riadenia rôznych veľkostných typov podnikov a buduje svoje kariéru ako:

  • entrepreneur - start-up founder, self employed businessman, CEO of your company,
  • business economist - accountant, data and financial analyst, procurement officer, purchaser, 
  • manager - office manager, HR recruiter, sales specialist, CRM assistent,
  • student in master level - currently Business economics and management of small and medium businesses (in Slovak language) or Finance, Banking and Investments (in English).


Ing. Martin Vlčko

Financial director in SOFTIP a.s.


Ing. Miriam Chorvátová

Manager, Dell


Ing. Eva Kianičková

Head of customer service and e-shop at Martinus


Ing. Adam Dudič

Manager, U.S. Steel Košice

Bc. Zuzana Izáková

SAP Logistics consultant, DXC Technology Bratislava


Mgr. Barbora Šmardová

Senior Network Deployment Leader, SAP Ariba, Germany


Ing. Miroslav Očenáš

Founder and owner,

Veronika Machyniaková

Slovak Biathlon Team

Ing. Vladimír Lauko

Director, Poštová banka

Ing. Mgr. Ondrej Ďurják, PhD.

Executive director, owner, SCR Design

Ing. Juraj Grešo

Revenue Management Specialist, TMR

Ing. Filip Kotian

Founder and owner, creActive











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