Cooperation with business practice

The cooperation with business practice runs on many levels and in many forms and students actively  participate within it as team members or individual partners. They prepare solutions for partner institutions or they individualy cooperate with them in case of data collection and thesis finalisation. It contains also:

    • lectures,
    • project for business practice - analyses, expertises, problem identification, problem solving, 
    • scientific projects in which businesses serve as research sample, 
    • sharing of information and data that are utilized in seminar works or industrial analyses,
    • case studies of business situations,
    • complex and long-term cooperation during final thesis preparation or finalisation, 
    • internships or scholarship programs,
    • job placement during or after studies. 


The cooperation with business or non-business institutions runs in formal and informal way and actual offer is regularly updates on our FB page. This is just a short list of our partners.




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