For the whole Master´s study, the student must obtain 120 credits.

Master study

full-time - 2 years




(54 + 20)

54 credits - all the Compulsory Courses

20 credits - Diploma Thesis with Defence



6 Compulsory Elective Courses, 5 credits each



Elective Courses





COMPULSORY COURSES (block A) – during the Master´s study the student must complete all the prescribed courses.

- the student of full-time Master´s study of the study programs MMB_D2n must complete 6 courses from the offered compulsory elective courses during the Master´s study (and thus obtain 30 credits for compulsory elective courses).

- the student of full-time Master´s study must obtain 16 credits from elective courses throughout his/ her Master´s study. They choose either a course offered by the faculty as an elective course only (listed in the study plan in block C – elective courses). However, a student may also choose a compulsory or compulsory elective course in another study program eventually course of another faculty. Apparently, they must follow the appropriate degree of study.

In the attached files there is published an evaluation of the pre-enrollment. The file indicates which elective courses will be open in the following year and which will not be open. Courses that are offered also for the students of the first year are marked “according to the 1st year”. These courses will be open according to the expressed interest of the accepted applicants for study (the selection of courses will take place by the end of July). In the second half of August, the final evaluation of the elective courses will be published on the internet. If a student has registered for elective course which finally will not be open, he/ she will be able to change it after the publication of the final list of opened elective courses. More information will be published in the second half of August 2021.

MMB_D2n 2 year - opening Compulsory elective courses and Elective courses


  1. When registering subjects, please do not forget to add the transferred obligations.
  2. Make sure that compulsory elective and elective courses that you selected will be open.
  3. The student of the current first year of study must be enrolled on the topic of the final thesis by 30 June 2021 (in case he/ she wants to complete the bachelor´s study in AY 2021/2022).
  4. The subject Diploma Thesis with Defence is the subject of the state exam – the student enrolls it among the subjects of state exams (not in the study part)
  5. A student who has been granted ISP until 31.08.2021 eventually a student who has an extended examination period until 31.08.2021 enrolls for the courses in AY 2021/2022, checks and confirms his/ her personal data, shows continuation of their studies in AY 2021/2022. However, he/she DOES NOT CONFIRM the registered study results in the system – this option remains open because they can obtain evaluation until 31.08.2021. He/ she will consult the final confirmation of the registration with their study officer no later than 31.08.2021.
  6. The student is responsible for the correctness of the enrolled courses.

In case of any further questions please contact Study department -

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