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Doctoral Study (PhD.)

One of the basic long-term priorities of the development strategy of EF UMB is the development of doctoral studies, while the basic objective is the motivation to ensure high quality of the doctoral studies of doctoral students in full-time and part-time form of study, and to increase the number of doctoral students who have successfully completed their doctoral studies at EF UMB.

Doctoral study is carried out a full-time form of study and in a part-time form of study. The standard length of study in full-time form is three years, in part-time form it is four years.

Faculty of Economics, Banská Bystrica University offers doctoral study in following study programs of study branch Economics and Management:

Doctoral study consists of:

  • study part: study of compulsory, compulsory optional and optional courses in the form of lectures, seminars, consultations, colloquia, etc., and independent study of scientific and professional literature.
  • scientific part: independent creative scientific work, which is related to the topic of the dissertation thesis (hereinafter referred to as „DisT“). The scientific part of the doctoral study is professionally guaranteed by the Supervisor and the results of it are publications registered in the UMB University Library.

Part of the full-time doctoral study is the performance of pedagogical activities to the extent of a maximum of four hours per week on average per academic year.


Contact Persons:

prof. Ing. Zdenka Musová, PhD.
Interim Vice-dean for Science and Research
office No. 039, main building EF
Tel. 048/446 2140, 2724
e-mail: zdenka.musova@umb.sk

PhDr. Ingrid Balážová
officer for science and research and doctoral study
office No. 040, main building EF,
Tel. 048/ 446 2141
e-mail: ingrid.balazova@umb.sk

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