Defense of dissertation thesis

The defense of the DisT takes place at the EF UMB in two dates set by the EFat the beginning of the academic year, usually in early June and end August. First term: (Registration for the DisT April - Defense of the DisT June). Second term: (Registration for the DisT June - Defense of the DisT August).

A doctoral student may enroll for the defense of a DisT after meeting the following requirements:

  • successful completion of the DisE,
  • obtaining 140 credits (Study part 60 credits, Scientific part: 70 credits, DisE: 10 credits) (full-time and part-time study).
  • within the publishing activity (or courses of the Scientific Activity type), obtaining at least 70 credits for both full-time and part-time form of study and publishing (confirmation of acceptance of the article for publication based on the decision of the editorial board is also accepted) an article of category „A“ in the relevant field of research,
  • doctoral student attaches a table listing the publications registered in the University Library UMB,  and other documents, the list of which is published on the EF UMB website, to the application for the defense of the DisT.

The study including the defense of the DisT, in accordance with the study programme, may not exceed its standard length by more than 2 years (Article 65(2) of the Act). (15)

If a doctoral student did not defend his/her DisT during the standard length of study, he/she is obliged to enroll in the new academic year (he/she can apply for a re-defense of the DisT only if he/she is an enrolled student of EF UMB). During the above-standard length of study (maximum of two years), EF does not provide a scholarship for the doctoral student, while the student is obliged to pay annual tuition fees for study in the above-standard length of study, or for a paid study programme in the case of a student in part-time form of study.

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