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Obligations of a doctoral student

A doctoral student

  • in cooperation with the supervisor draws up an individual study plan and actively cooperates in the annual evaluation. The evaluation of a doctoral student in his / her absence or in the absence of a supervisor can only be carried out exceptionally, and only if the supervisor or doctoral student is unable to attend for serious reasons;
  • continuously, at least once a month, the doctoral student informs the supervisor about the fulfillment of the tasks of his / her individual study plan;
  • consults with the supervisor on the procedure for the creation and implementation of the study and scientific part of the individual study plan;
  • submits projects, written work for the dissertation examination and dissertation to the supervisor for approval;
  • performs independent creative activity in the field of science (publication, participation in projects, completion of the stage of research work defined in the individual study plan, etc.), which is related to the topic of the DisT.
  • is obliged to follow the website of EF UMB, student e-mail account and is obliged to follow the published instructions and guidelines.
  • undertakes to adhere to and to fulfil his/her ISP and other tasks assigned by his/her Supervisor. Failure to meet the tasks and deadlines set out in the study and scientific part of this plan and obligations set out in this Regulation may be grounds for exclusion from the study.
  • in a full-time form of study also performs other activities within the framework of pedagogical and scientific-research tasks assigned to him/her by the Supervisor, the Head of the relevant department or the Dean.
  • publish the results of their scientific work mainly in co-authorship with their Supervisor.
  • register its publishing activities in the register of the University Library of the MBU.

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