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Small defence

Before the defense of the dissertation, the so-called small defense. It is a defense of the 1st variant of the dissertation, which takes place before the extended scientific meeting of the training place. The aim of the small defense is to evaluate whether the dissertation meets the requirements for this type of final thesis and to contribute to the improvement of the final variant of the dissertation.

The doctoral student submits a dissertation for a small defense to a training place - the department. The training place / department of the doctoral student informs how many copies of the thesis need to be submitted and at the same time provides information for a small defense (date of the meeting).

The content and formal side of the 1st variant of the dissertation will be assessed by assessors from the domestic and external background of the department and faculty. It is appropriate if one of the job assessors is a potential opponent.

The doctoral student is obliged, after consultation with the supervisor, to incorporate the comments from the discussion at the scientific meeting of the training place - a small defense. He informs the head of the training place in writing about the incorporation of the comments, who will draw up the opinion of the training place on this basis (one of the annexes to the application for defense).

Opponent review on the first variant of the doctoral's dissertation thesis (13. 6. 2022 8:08:25)

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