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Statement of the Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica on the current situation in Ukraine

The Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica expresses support and belonging to all students and employees working at individual faculties of the MBU and other academic institutions in Slovakia who are personally affected by the current situation in Ukraine. We condemn the violation of the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, which directly threatens the lives of innocent people. We consider such conduct to be a violation of international law that is incompatible with the principles of democracy and cannot be justified. We encourage students and colleagues of EF UMB to contact the Department of International Relations and Public Relations of our faculty or use the help of the University Advisory and Support Center UMB https://bit.ly/3vfY0dg

In Banská Bystrica 24.2.2022


Information on assistance to citizens of Ukraine is available on the following lines. These are also initiatives to which any of us can contribute: 

On the website of the City of Banská Bystrica you will find information about available accommodation capacities https://www.banskabystrica.sk/aktuality/2022/banska-bystrica-sa-pripravuje-na-pomoc-ludom-z-ukrajiny/

Collecting information about practical support provided by universities and research organization for Ukrainian researchers and students @Sci_for_Ukraine      https://twitter.com/Sci_for_Ukraine



In case of need, you can contact Mgr. Ing. Gabriela Nafoussi, PhD., Vice Dean for International Relations and Public Relations of EFUMB, by e-mail at gabriela.nafoussi@umb.sk


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