The graduate masters appropriate scientific methods of basic and applied tourism research. He/she has cross-sectional knowledge of tourism with an interdisciplinary nature, which allows him/her to analyze the tourism sector, to conduct research, to formulate solutions of economic and managerial problems with an emphasis on sustainable, responsible, and smart tourism development, to apply innovative tools and business models in tourism within international management of tourism and to generate new scientific knowledge.

The graduate of the study program tourism is an independent responsible individual able to find solutions innovatively and sustainably, thus contributing to the solution of social challenges of the 21st century. His/her profile thus corresponds to the long-term development plan of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. Based on a targeted search of domestic and foreign scientific literature and its critical evaluation, he/she can identify scientific problems of tourism, formulate research questions and compile research design. He/she masters the procedures of scientific work, is able to identify the research gap, and appropriately apply innovative procedures. He/she can formulate and verify research hypotheses and apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative research methods in solving scientific problems of tourism. Based on his/her findings, the graduate is able to design, verify and implement appropriate research procedures in an international environment.

He/she is endowed with independent, critical, analytical and conceptual thinking, which he/she is able to apply to the tourism research subject depending on changing conditions. He/she is able to present the results of the research to the professional community at home and abroad. Thanks to his language competence, he/she publishes in respected journals and proceedings registered in the international databases CCC, WOS, Scopus, and others. In his/her scientific work, he/she respects social, scienific ,and ethical contexts. He/she reacts to current issues of tourism development, determines research focus, and coordinates the research team. He/she can apply the acquired knowledge in the educational process and in pracice, and thus contribute to tourism development in the national and international context.

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