Business Economics and Management

The graduate of the third of level university study in the study program entitled Business Economics and Management manifests deep systematic understanding of various fields of Business Economics and Management (Business management systems, managerial finance, marketing management of Business, leadership, and sustainable business), which serves as the basis for conducting research and development, formulating solutions to economic and managerial problems, as well as to generating new scientific knowledge. The graduate masters and is able to select suitable methods of basic and applied scientific research in core areas of the study program.

Based on a targeted, varied, and critical research, the graduate can formulate challenges for scientific knowledge, identify scientific problems, formulate scientific questions, and derive the research design. The graduate masters the basic approaches to scientific work, is able to identify sources of information, and in using them, can properly apply the available information systems. Depending on the character of the research problem and scientific field, the graduate can formulate and evaluate the research theses, and formulate and verify the research hypotheses, while applying both qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriately. Based on findings of the conducted research, the graduate proposes, verifies, and implements the innovative research approaches, while reflecting the current trends in the targeted fields, the needs of the business practice, and the latest knowledge regarding social responsibility, sustainability, ethics, and ecological conduct.

The graduate is characterized by independent, critical, analytical, and conceptual thinking, which he/she applies in the dynamically changing conditions; manifests the ability to independently present the results of research and development in their field, that being in front of a community of scholars and professionals in Slovakia or abroad. Thanks to language competence, the graduate publishes in respected journals and proceedings, including those registered in the selected international databases; and is able to turn attention to and defend his/her views regarding the current problems in relevant fields related to the conducted research. Within the scientific world, the graduate takes account of its social, scientific, and ethical aspects, and applies the acquired skills and methods of scientific research individually, as well as in a team of researchers. He/she further applies and transfers the obtained results into pedagogical process, and to managerial practice, thus contributing to the development and social progress not only in scientific research but also within the national and international context.

The graduate of the third of level university study in the study program entitled Business Economics and Management prepares for the future scientific and academic work, and/or can utilize the acquired knowledge and skills as a manager in research and consultancy-oriented institutions, multinational corporations, and other organizations of different types and fields in Slovakia and abroad.

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