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Institute of Managerial Systems in Poprad

EF UMB has existed in Poprad since 1992. Its long-term tradition was fulfilled by accrediting Institute of Managerial Systems by Accreditation Commission in Management field of study. After finishing their studies students achieve competencies in the area of company economy, accounting, management, marketing, operations management and other subjects. Success of the Institute is underlined by the cooperation with economic practice directly in Poprad town region. In this way students get working experience directly in selected companies. For more information click: http://brozury.umb.sk/books/ikyk/
Head of department: Veselovská Lenka, doc. Ing. PhD.
Deputy head of department: Zimermanová Katarína, Ing. PhD.
Secretary: Vilgová Zuzana, Ing.
Address: Dlhé hony 5766/16, 058 01 Poprad
Phone: +421 908 068 333
Fax: -

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